Functional differences between 3-disulfide EGF domain

Important post-translational modifications of 3-disulfide EGFs, including unusual forms of glycosylation and posttranslational proteolytic processing, are dependent on EGF subtype. For example, EGF domains that are shed from the cell surface and mediate intercellular signaling are all hEGFs, as are all human EGF receptor family ligands.

Summary of known functional differences between 3-disulphide EGF types

hEGF type cEGF type
  • Hydroxylation on Asp
  • Hydroxylation on Asn
  • Fucosylation
  • Fucosylation only on subtype I
  • Involved in shedding
  • Found in mosaic proteins with laminin EGFs

Examples of functional differences

Arrangement of different types in mosaic proteins

Functionally distinct domains of LTBP-1 contain distinct EGF types

Differential glycosylation and hydroxylation of EGF types

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